Thursday, March 5, 2009

3rd Giant and more

Wow... it's been such long time since my last post...sorry for being so lazy... Well, I finally got my act together to do some personal piece and here's the next giant for the series. Obviously, it's a bit different from the previous two as I had this big desire to do some mechanical stuff...hope you enjoy. :)

This was a freelance work I did for a studio that I can't mention now but got a permission to post. It's suppse to be a creature that morphs from a bacteria/cancer cell.

This was done for a commercial pitch... for Keno...bit hard to relate but it was fun. :)

I do event renderings time to time for a company called Event Eleven and one of their consistent clients has been ESPN Magazine. For past 5 years, I've done paintings for their Super Bowl Party. This year, 2009, we decided to do it in a magazine format and this is what we came with. If you own a company and need to hold an event/party, go to people at Event Eleven. These guys are the major leaguer in the industry. :)


Jackson Sze said...

Wow Andrew, things are looking great!

Ciaee said...

Woah, love that piece you did for Keno. Great sense of movement.

Andy Park said...

Woah- a new post! => Awesome to see new stuff from you Andrew! They're all really cool- I esp. love the giant. Great job! Let's do lunch!

Wook Hyung Charles Lee said...

Hey Andrew~~~nice giant seriese~!! I saw the top one on Cgtalk. great work~!! How are your lovely daughters? they must give whole different level of blessings huh?

Andrew Kim said...

Jackson! - how are you man? It's good to see you here. :) Thanks for the comment. I saw your stuff too and you're just getting better and better... also envy you on working on your book too... don't know how often you come down here but let's get together sometime.

Ciaee - Thanks, man. You have some amazing stuff as well!

Andy - Thanks, Andy! I got jealous of you improving so fast on environment stuff... haha. :)

Charles - Hey hyung, thanks for the comment. Kids are doing well... growing fast...but as you said, there's nothing in the world that I can compare them to. :)

Unknown said...

cool stuff all new also!
How are you doing? I like that robot rendering and old man tossing the coins! that's awesome!!
Put up some more I know you are busy but come on!!!


Anonymous said...

andrew...congrats on the piece in expose 7. I just got my pre order and your piece looks great!

Andrew Kim said...

Cecil - Thank you, hyung!
Yeah, I'll try to update things as much as possible... I saw your stuff at your blog and your stuff looks awesome! And congratz on your new class with Jung at Kevin's school!

James - Thank you James!
Congratz on your pieces as well!
By the way, your new update looks really nice man!

jason hazelroth said...

awesome robot. I like that it looks like a dog on the prowl. really nice design and I love the colors in the background