Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Art of UNCHARTED II and more

The Art of Uncharted II book is finally arrived and available now. Awesome folks at Ballistic did a fantastic job putting the book together and the book is really awesome. It's definitely worth keeping a copy so go check it out here!

And here are couple of pieces from Uncharted II that I never posted before.

If you order a Special Edition or Limited Folio Edition of the book, you get 20 minutes worth of video recording of concepts by Robh Ruppel and myself. My portion has about 10 minutes of concepting this crossbow for Drake.

And here's a matte painting I did for the Fort level. It actually wasn't used in the game because I had too much details compared to what they already had in the game. :(  But it was fun! :)

Hope you enjoy!


Alexander said...

great blog.!! good concepts and sketches. I like more the black and white..... with this dark atmosphere.

good luck in the next project.

Helio Frazao said...

I must say I've lost countless hours just looking at the galleries on Uncharted II. And when I'm done I just hop on photoshop and feel inspired to work. This book is a must have for me. Keep up the great work Andrew!

Anonymous said...

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