Tuesday, May 25, 2010

God of War III

Hey all,
3 years ago, I had an awesome opportunity to be part of the God of War III team and now I'm finally able to share my work with you guys. It was a year long of incredibly fun time working with the talented team at the Sony Santa Monica office. And the concept team of myself, Andy Park, Cecil Kim, Jung Park, Scott Seeto, and Izzy Medrano had blast working together creating so much fun characters and environments. Not to say it wasn't challenging at all but creating unknown world with infinite possibility was so new to me after working on modern war related games for so long upto that time.
Hope you enjoy and you can see more at my website!


Wes said...

Very nice! I've been waiting to see you work on GoW3 for the longest time :)

arindam said...

very very nice work sir... you are a not andrew kim you are master of andrew kim just like a my own master....

Alexander said...

good sketches in black and white and nice the work in concep art.

Johan Wahlbäck said...

Great to see your art grace this fine blog. Your enironments kicks butt, luve 'em.

It is great fun to see those characters as well, keep pushing them, look at them as you do environments. It is just light and shadows, shapes. A tad more regualr and rigid maybe? XD

Keep up the brilliance, love your art!

Narender Kundra said...

>great job,looking good your Drawing / concept art.
>beautiful work...

>see my blog.

DK said...

Very Cool ! awesome/inspiring stuff

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

awesome stuff andrew.

Mike Sekowski said...

So glad I found your site and blog! As a big fan of the God of War and Uncharted series, you have stunning work all around. I especially enjoy the unique takes on these classic Greek creatures, as well as the interesting shapes within your Unleashed pieces. Thanks.

Davidk214@gmail.com said...

Man I love your work!! so inspirational!!!

Anonymous said...

This is amazing..GOW3 is hands down one of the best games I've ever played. I can't wait until the Art of GOW3 is released! You are truly such an inspirational artist for me, looking forward to more posts!

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