Friday, August 13, 2010

First Book Cover

Hey all,

Sorry for not posting for awhile...
This has been out for about a few months but thought I'd share with everybody.
I was contacted by a publisher to have one of my personal work used as a cover for their upcoming book by Walter Jon Williams.
I said... "Cool!!"  :)

And here's the original image.

The Green Leopard Plague and other stories  by Walter Jon Williams published by Night Shade Books.


Zachary said...

Cool -- congratulations!

They made a good choice!

Mike Sekowski said...

Love the soft lighting on the metropolis and the stones at front. They balance well with the hard-edged eerie rusted figures. Did I mention they were eerie! Sweet work and congrats.

Izzy Medrano said...

Wow! fantastic cover man. I love the subtlety in it, and it feels very traditional. Great job!

Luke Berliner said...

Wow! this is amazing!!!

Unknown said...

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