Thursday, July 24, 2008

starting a series...

Thought I would start a series involving a giant in the piece...and here's the 1st one to kick off.

I took a different approach on doing environment piece for this one...something I learned from a friend of mine, Jung, from Sony... it was definitely a lot of fun and learned quite a bit!! :)

Comments and Crits please!!


Andy Park said...

Wow- really nice Andrew! Nice rendering, feel, lighting. Quite impressive man!

Andrew Kim said...

Hey Andy, Thanks for the nice comment!! currently working on the 2nd one. I'll post it up as soon as it's finished. :) Hope all is well at Sony!

Jung Park said...

holy shit man!!
looks awesome!
nice atmosphere. hey come down to
sony . let's grab lunch !

Erik San Juan said...

Great stuff Andrew! How you doin man?! Let's have lunch sometime soon!

Andrew Kim said...

Hey Jung!
Thanks man!
Your tips surely helped alot so thank you!! :)

Thanks man! Tried to teach myself something and learned alot just doing it. :)

I 'll give you guys a call when I'm up there around lunch time. I'm definitely missing those fun lunch outings!!

Joshua James said...

nice piece

jason hazelroth said...

great painting man

Gavin said...

Wow Andrew I'm literally stunned, that really looks incredible as a whole - everything about it is just... man! Very nice!