Thursday, March 8, 2012

Uncharted 3!

The game actually came out 5 months ago and I'm putting these up now... sorry guys.
It's been very busy and tough last 6 months personally and I finally had a chance to organize the files to share with you guys. Unlike from U2, I was fully involved in Uncharted 3 from the pre-production and once again, it was a thrilling ride with awesome talents at Naughty Dog. On a side note, I left ND after U3 last year to join a team here at Marvel. Meaning, it'll be another long pause until the next update so hope you enjoy these for now. :)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Into The Pixel 2011 - Uncharted 3

Hey all,
My work from Uncharted 3 was selected as one of 17 winners for this year's Into The Pixel.
It was a very pleasant surprise for sure. And it was pretty cool to see the piece hanging on the wall at E3 with other winning selections. Congratulations to other 16 winners at this year's Into The Pixel and hope you guys enjoy the large version of the piece here.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

2010 Part 1 - Steampunk Airship

Hey all,

Sorry about lack of posts here... 2010 was a busy year which means I've got a few things to show but I need to get my hands on them first. :) Well, first of everything is a tutorial I did for Advanced Photoshop Magazine. I had to rush this because my hard drive got fried a few days prior to the deadline so I gave more love after I turned it in. Hope you guys enjoy and more coming soon. :)

It was a tutorial... so I thoguht I show some progress. :)

Friday, September 17, 2010

God of War III Art Book

Hey all,

Just wanted to share with you guys that the Art of God of War III book is now available for Pre-Order.
Once again, Daniel Wade and awesome folks at Ballistic Publishing did a fantastic job and the book is a BEAUTY!
It was a great experience working with the talented concept artists like Jung Park, Cecil Kim, Izzy Medrano, Andy Park, and Scott Seeto.
I only have a few pieces in the book but kudos to Stig(the game director) and awesome artists over at Sony Santa Monica!
Go order one! You won't regret!

Friday, August 13, 2010

First Book Cover

Hey all,

Sorry for not posting for awhile...
This has been out for about a few months but thought I'd share with everybody.
I was contacted by a publisher to have one of my personal work used as a cover for their upcoming book by Walter Jon Williams.
I said... "Cool!!"  :)

And here's the original image.

The Green Leopard Plague and other stories  by Walter Jon Williams published by Night Shade Books.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

God of War III

Hey all,
3 years ago, I had an awesome opportunity to be part of the God of War III team and now I'm finally able to share my work with you guys. It was a year long of incredibly fun time working with the talented team at the Sony Santa Monica office. And the concept team of myself, Andy Park, Cecil Kim, Jung Park, Scott Seeto, and Izzy Medrano had blast working together creating so much fun characters and environments. Not to say it wasn't challenging at all but creating unknown world with infinite possibility was so new to me after working on modern war related games for so long upto that time.
Hope you enjoy and you can see more at my website!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Art of UNCHARTED II and more

The Art of Uncharted II book is finally arrived and available now. Awesome folks at Ballistic did a fantastic job putting the book together and the book is really awesome. It's definitely worth keeping a copy so go check it out here!

And here are couple of pieces from Uncharted II that I never posted before.

If you order a Special Edition or Limited Folio Edition of the book, you get 20 minutes worth of video recording of concepts by Robh Ruppel and myself. My portion has about 10 minutes of concepting this crossbow for Drake.

And here's a matte painting I did for the Fort level. It actually wasn't used in the game because I had too much details compared to what they already had in the game. :(  But it was fun! :)

Hope you enjoy!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Speed Painting Demo

Hey guys,

About a month ago, I was requested to do a speed painting demo for the Digital Artist magazine CD. The magazine and the CD was released recently, so here you go.
It was one of those last minute thing so I rushed a bit but luckily, it came out not so bad, I think.
Hope you guys like it!

You can see it BIGGER HERE

Friday, March 12, 2010

Unleashed - pieces for the Gnomon Gallery

Hey all,

It's about a week late post but the artists from Naughty Dog are having a gallery show at the Gnomon Gallery.

These are the pieces I have at the show.
It's definitely something different than my usual stuff but man~, I had a blast doing these! :)
Hope you guys enjoy and check out other artists' pieces at the Gnomon Gallery!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

God of War III & more

Hey all,

Before I joined the Uncharted II team, I worked on God of War III for a year at Sony Santa Monica and the game will be out soon this month. Once the game is out, I'll be able to share my work so check back soon.

For the time being, here's the latest trailer for GoW III.

For last 6 years, I've been doing event renderings for the ESPN Magazine for their Super Bowl After Party. This was done with my good friends at Event Eleven. This year, it was at Fontaine Bleau hotel in Florida. Here's the before & after shot for you guys.

This was done for Samsung & AT&T at this year's Cotton Bowl in Dallas.

Also with Event Eleven, this was done for a club for their possible renovation.
Again, here are the before & after looks.