Friday, September 17, 2010

God of War III Art Book

Hey all,

Just wanted to share with you guys that the Art of God of War III book is now available for Pre-Order.
Once again, Daniel Wade and awesome folks at Ballistic Publishing did a fantastic job and the book is a BEAUTY!
It was a great experience working with the talented concept artists like Jung Park, Cecil Kim, Izzy Medrano, Andy Park, and Scott Seeto.
I only have a few pieces in the book but kudos to Stig(the game director) and awesome artists over at Sony Santa Monica!
Go order one! You won't regret!


Ian McQue said...

Hey Andrew,

Thanks for the kind words, much appreciated!

You've got a lot of great stuff going on here - bet that God Of War gig was a lot of fun?

Cheers, Ian.

Jparked said...

congrats on the book Andrew hyoung.

Everything looks fantastic!

Anonymous said...

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Blissful Universe said...

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