Thursday, April 1, 2010

Speed Painting Demo

Hey guys,

About a month ago, I was requested to do a speed painting demo for the Digital Artist magazine CD. The magazine and the CD was released recently, so here you go.
It was one of those last minute thing so I rushed a bit but luckily, it came out not so bad, I think.
Hope you guys like it!

You can see it BIGGER HERE


Andy Park said...

That's badass Andrew! Nice to see your workflow. Now post your God of War artwork => said...

Hello Andrew, I love ur work! just came across ur blog surfing on the internet.

Jung Park said...

sweet andrew!

Thanks for sharing! and hurry up and post god of war 3 work =)

Bryan Wynia said...

Great demo Andrew. Really nice stuff.

g said...

that's very cool man :D great job

Jparked said...

baddass!!! andrew hyoung. Hope all is well brotha

Andrew Kim said...

Thanks all for kind words!

Andy - Thanks, Andy! Man~ no words from Sony yet, still?? :(

Davidk214 - Thanks David!

jabraniho - Thanks Jung! I'll post up the God of War 3 stuff soon.

Bryan - thanks Bryan!

Gabriele - thanks Gabe!

Jparked - Thanks John! I saw your demo you did for Jung's class and that looked baddass, man! Slow down!!! :)

Unknown said...

Nice demo and nice painting!

Phroilan said...

Wicked demo man!

Anonymous said...

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